The Sandra Sepulveda For Council campaign seeks dedicated interns. Our internship provides hands on experience for students interested in politics. If you are interested in becoming involved in local politics or seeing how campaigns work, this opportunity will be a great experience!

Finance: Interns will conduct donor research, prepare mailings, updating donor database, complete research projects, and attend and staff fundraising events.

Field/Political: Interns will perform targeted voter contact, such as canvassing and phone banking, attending community events, recruiting and managing volunteers, updating voter contact database, and assisting with cutting call and walk lists.

Communications: Interns will work on op-eds. They will also assist with media postings and graphic work.

It is an unpaid internship. We will sign for up to 6 class credit hours. There is a 5 hour per week requirement. Office Hours are Monday-Saturday 9am-8pm and Sunday 1pm-7pm. To apply please email campaign manager Adrian Spencer-Smith at or call (217)979-2152.