On The Issues 

Why I’m running:

I’ve lived in this district for 20 years. This place helped make me into the person I am today. This neighborhood has watched me grow up. I went to school here. I met my life long friends here. I found my voice here. Now I want to give back. As I have grown as a person, I watched this district grow. This is a vibrant and diverse district with hardworking people. Our neighbors deserve the best and I will fight for everyone who lives here.


Our district is a community, and our community deserves solid infrastructure that enhances our way of life. We need sidewalks to keep our residents safe. There are areas where many residence walk to locally owned business. They should not fear the possibility of being hit by a car. As your councilmember I will work to build connected sidewalks to make our district safe and accessible.  

When it comes to zoning, we need to keep the community involved as much as possible so we can continue to grow our community without losing what makes us special.


It is important to me that the families that live in the district are able to spend as much time as possible with their family and loved ones. There are steps we can take in our district to make the commuting process smoother.Our neighbors and our children deserve to be safe while waiting for the bus. I will work to make sure as many bus stops in our district have a covered bench. I will work with MTA to increase the frequency of bus routes in our district. We must build on our existing resources and make them better for our community.

Public safety:

I am committed to working tirelessly with our local law enforcement and community groups to ensure the safety of all of our community members.


I know how important public education is for our community. I know because I attend metro schools including Haywood Elementary, McMurry Middle, and Overton High School. We are fortunate to have two schools, Haywood and Cole Elementary, located right here in district 30. That's why I support making sure our teachers have the resources they need to help every student succeed.